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The Spanish university continues to modernize and internationalize. Spain has thus become the leading destination for Erasmus programs by welcoming more than 50,000 students, or 20,000 more than France or Germany.
This influx of foreign students, mainly from Latin America and the USA, but also from Italy and France, demonstrates its attractiveness but reinforces the shortage of student accommodation in the region.
In 2021, with 560,000 housing requests per 100,000 available, the shortage is four times higher than the European average.
This creates a sustainable context, with a strong need for growth in the park and serious prospects of secure profitability for investors.
All regions have a shortage of student accommodation and present real opportunities. This is the case of Valencia, Salamanca and Seville where we have chosen to develop our new student residences and coliving, the first steps in a goal of around twenty residences over five years on Spanish territory.

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